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Pauna (Ekaterina)

Тhe idea of going back to my place matured for a long time. There is no set time for these things. You just have to be ready. Art is a very subtle manifestation of the Spirit, and we should not squeeze our senses. When given to you, everything moves with ease. If we expect too much of ourselves, then we have understood nothing and what we receive can easily be taken away.

TO MY COLLEAGUES – ADMIRATIONS, because no matter what, they do not stop to create and transmit a SOUL to this confused, material world!
Thanks to all of you who have supported me! To those who know me and have never stopped believing in me, I owe myself!

Ekaterina Paunova Hristova (Pauna) was born on December 13, 1970 in Russe, Bulgaria. She grew up in the pictorial city of Tryawna in the Balkan Mountains, but her roots are in Golden Dobrudza (called so, because of the many wheat fields). The artistic inspiration manifests itself in her early childhood. At the age of 15 she is accepted into the first art school in Tryawna.

In 1990 she graduated from the art school and began studying theology at St. Cyril and St. Methodius University in Veliko Tarnovo. She had already specialized in speech therapy up to her master’s degree. Her artist education is complemented by master’s degree in icon painting and mural painting in Gabrovo in 2005. Since 2014 she lives and works in Germany. She says about herself:

“Everything I do, all my efforts are in the service of the people. In Bulgaria I had great experience as an artist and icon painter, and I ran my own gallery until 2012. Thanks to my artistic work, I was able to enjoy wide popularity.

The country’s economic collapse in 2012 affected many people, who were forced to seek work abroad. I belong to these people as well. In times of scarcity, art sadly moved into the background. I currently live in the wonderful city of Freiburg, surrounded by fresh air, warmth and a lot of green. In the beginning of 2019, something was unlocked in me. I suddenly felt a great urge to paint. After the long break, I returned to my creative activities. In Germany, there are wonderful conditions for the development of the arts. I will never stop painting, no matter where my destiny leads me! That’s my life, that’s me! “

Pauna (Ekaterina)

Studio Metes-art

Studio Metes-art

My mission

I do what inspires me. My paintings and my other art appearances are not meant to represent the problems in our society. I will try to show you that LIFE IS WISE AND BEAUTIFUL! I want to share what fills me with admiration and meaning. If you like my style and understanding, if you need my services and ideas, I’m open to contacts and orders, both for small and large projects.

There have been a lot of inquiries from acquaintances and friends in the online space. I wrote to you that I needed time because recently I came back and it is hard for me to think about offers. I can now comfortably respond to your nutrition, ideas and needs. You can use MESSENGER or Tel. + 49 15171662774 which I have mentioned in contacts. I also use WhatsApp.

“METES-ART” – ANYONE CAN EXIST WITH NO ART, BUT NO ONE CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT. Everything that is around us and within us, the universe, the infinity, are works of the SPIRIT. Every creator on earth is a manifestation of the Heavenly Creator – EXPRESSION OF LIFE.

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